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This page is for all members to send in their photos and stories.


News from Karen Cook and Thalaba Ruby Dreaming.

At the time of Ruby entering my life, I had a beautiful rp gelding, Sam. However he was intermittently unsound and I was becoming unfit, losing my riding seat and a bit depressed with the amount of time he had off. So, after finding Ruby online, I purchased her in December 2015. The best birthday present ive ever had (50th birthday and had to buy it myself but i don’t have to worry about returns!)


Our first couple of outings were nothing spectacular, just getting used to riding at a show again (it had been 5 years) in fact, just getting used to riding fullstop.

We departed ways shortly in our relationship but since then, while a few close calls, we’ve become a great team.


We compete primarily in the show ring and dressage arena, in both open Galloway, hrcav and breed classes (she’s registered ASPA, ARP and RP) so her dance card can be full some days.

She’s been quite successful in pony dressage, out there flying the flag for her breed with our biggest dressage win being Champion Preliminary Pony at Macedon Ranges EA in April 2019, outscoring the ‘big’ horses and earning herself Grand Champion Dressage Pony with Australian Sports Pony registry.

In her ASPA classes, she was reserve champion led ASPA mare at the National Pony of the Year show in 2016, then taking out top 10 in the Bamborough In Hand final out of approx. 90 ponies of varying breeds. That was hugely exciting with international judges and me not having any idea how prestigious this event was until the time came.

Just recently Ruby was Supreme led ASPA and supreme ridden breed exhibit at Rochester Ag (her second supreme ridden at Rochie Royal ). Thank you to the ASPA society for their lovely sashes and the sponsorship of the cotton rug for Supreme Led.


Ruby is now out competing Novice EA/Level 2 HRCAV and acquitting herself well. Often there are insufficient entries for a separate pony section so we’re mixing it with the bigguns.

I competed for the first time at Sydney royal in 2019 and had a ball…in round & out in our ASPA classes but I couldn’t have been happier with her. Little workdown and she went out and strutted her stuff, not the judge’s choice on the day….thats showing.

We aim to compete at Melbourne 2020 and Sydney 2021 (doing her breed and open classes) and continue down the dressage path with a view to doing our first elementary test early 2021.

We’ve even dabbled in combined training and horse trials in the past 6 months, albeit at level 6 (30cm) until I get a bit braver. However we did win gold at the Masters Games in the 45cm Combined Training in 2019 and went on to win Champion in the overall 45cm CTD.


Im forever grateful to Lorna Wall for breeding my girl and Michelle & Buster for selling her to me.

She has a home with me for life and while she’s not perfect…she’s perfect for me J


Pics are:

1. Masters Games 2019 – Champion led & ridden Galloway and Champion Combined Training 45cm

2. Supreme Ridden exhibit at Rochester Ag 2020

3. top 10 in the Bamborough in Hand final at NPOTY 20156

4. Sydney Royal 2019 – waiting for the ASPA ridden class



  •  News from Lindell Andrews

  • I have attached one of my favourite photos of ASP Koora-Lyn Fantacy (Koora-Lyn Masquerade x Koora-Lyn Fascination), bred by Lynette Hohlweck and born  Nov. 2014. This photo was taken after winning Supreme Led ASP at the Morphett Vale Breeds Show (SA; 18/03/18).



    In the 2017-18 show season, Fantacy was also 
    Supreme Led ASP at the SA All Breeds Showcase (01/1017), 
    Supreme Led ASP the Riding Pony Stud Book Breed Show (29/10/17), 
    Champion Youngstock ASP at the Norther Hack and Halter Show (19/11/17), 
    Reserve Champion Youngstock ASP at Murray Bridge Breeds Show (11/02/18)
    Reserve Champion Youngstock ASP at Royal Adelaide Autumn Royal (24/03/18)




Royal Adelaide Autumn Horse Show 2018

 Class Act

Owned: Karen Loy and ridden by Tracy Maitland.

pictured with judge Mrs Cathy Young.

photo credit: inmotion photograpghy



  •  News from Janet McLeod

Hi, I was just going through some old photos and files.  Not sure if you're interested (Yes we are Janet-Thank you)  but they are of my ASPA Blue Ribbon Jumbo (aka Tuck).   The Show pic is at the 1986 Vic State Show at Catani, we were riding off for Champion/Reseve (can't remember the class but he was 14 1/4 hh)  The others are at HRCAV old English plate & bending.  I can not thank Elva Sexton enough for breeding this mighty little pony and he was everything that the ASPA was promoting.  I did trace his breeding and managed to get him back in the desert on 3 sides, the other was mystery even to Elva.




News from the Grove Riding Ponies


Salisbury Royal Edition

Champ Riding Pony Stallion / Colt

Champ Snr Pt Welsh

Champ Saddle Pony Stallion / Colt

Res Champ Arabian Riding Pony




Paulgren Park Eye Candy Champion Gelding Under 12.2hh



  •  An Email from Lindy Daetz. (Brisbane Royal Show)

    Hi Nerida,

    I have attached the photo from saddle pony gelding championship of my pony Readimarr Blue’s Clues he also got 3rd in saddle pony gelding ridden and reserve champion novice and reserve champion open small pony hack. Also attached is a photo of my Galloway which won the ridden saddle pony Gelding class his name is Langtree Orlando.

    Linda Daetz



  • A note from Uhavta stud thanking the ASPA for the Hi Point awards they received in he mail.

    • Thankyou to the ASP for the rug and the saddle clothe we received in the mail. Our pony Uhavta Getaway will wear this rug with pride at all the shows he attends in future. We will now be entering more for the Hi Point awards. Kindest Regards Uhavta Stud.



Bamborough Prunella


Rider: Bridey Kate Gibson – 6 yrs old

Horse: – 7yrs old

Handler: David Hall


Bamborough Prunella won Runner up Leading Rein at Macquarie Bank at Canberra in September with me as the handler and took out the winner of the Leading Rein Pony at Dubbo Championships in November out of a huge 18 entries (David a close friend of ours) took over as handler as I was riding my newcomer hack in her event at the same time)


I bought “Prudence” as she is effectionally known as a yearling at the Bamborough Pony Stud auction when Bridey was 8 months old.........I am sure everybody thought I was crazy, but is very expensive and hard to find a good pony for your child.  So I thought I would give this a go and thankfully for us it all worked out wonderfully.  She is a beautiful pony who is also very competitive amongst the open ponies with her huge movement and flashy markings, she also has a lot of character just like her rider!!


Prudence and Bridey will be competing for the first time at Grand National in March which will be a great experience for them both, she will also be competing at Canberra, Sydney and Bathurst Royals this year so we have a very busy couple of months ahead of us.


Bridey loves competing at the Ag shows as everyone always recognises ‘Bridey and Prudence’ and she is always keen to trot up beside them on their thoroughbred hacks and have a chat.  Bridey also attends Pony Club on Prudence where she loves to meet up with friends her own age and do the jumping and sporting and of course eat lollies.


Many Thanks  

Penny Gibson



Fable Park Royalty 

(3 time winner at summer royal).



  •  Paulgren Park Phoenix :

    • Sire:   Cherrington Sir Dirk

    • Dam: Centaine of Marceau (SOD: Sarnau Victory)

    • Part Welsh Gelding

    •  DOB 28.9.07

    •  Owner / Breeder: Tricia & Anthony Pauling

  • Phoenix  was born during the height of the EI crisis, his dam Cenatine of Marceau, a mare we saved from slaughter, suffered terrifying fits after his birth and our worst fear was that we would lose both her and Phoenix. Centaine of Marceau, (Flirt) is our matriarch mare, and her loss would have devastated both of us. Thankfully she recovered.

  • Phoenix, in his three short years, has become a prolific Multi Champion, Supreme, National and Royal winner in NSW. His success as a show horse began as a yearling and he has been capably handled by my husband Anthony (who was a complete Novice when he and Phoenix started their career!) throughout the majority  of  these victories.

  • Phoenix is well known by all our friends, family and fellow competitors for his character and attitude. He has the ego of a show horse, is supremely confident and is a natural show off! His movement is exceptional and is readily displayed when he “plays”, usually during crucial moments in his workouts. Often this is what wins him the class. He certainly knows how to draw the judge’s eye! 

  • Despite the success Phoenix has had, we never take for granted what an amazing experience this horse has allowed us to have. Many people know the tears that I fight (very unsuccessfully!) after his big wins. He has opened up the world of showing to us, introduced us to many new friends and made us appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to produce these beautiful horses.

  • We look forward to Phoenix’s career under saddle. He will be a beautiful Hunter pony and we may even dabble in a bit of Pony Dressage as his movement is born for this arena…we just have to contain the ego!






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